Monday, 19 January 2015


i have decided that, amosism shall not be limited to only the silly things amos said but all sort of things amos said. because he's all sort of thing

yesterday we were shopping for his wedding band and when he was trying one of the bands i asked the sales assistant if purchasing the ring would entitled us free engraving. after we walked out of the shop he said to me: we should engrave your thumb print on my ring, that way i'll always be holding your hand.

he's nothing but all sort of cheesy sweet thing. (sometimes)
and i adore him in every way.

Lilly Ahlberg

happy new year!
half way through January and i am already in debt of my own to-do list.

i am in love with this youtube singer, Lilly Ahlberg whom i so thankfully discovered on hannah maggs' vlogs.

hence, i conveniently inserted below her beautiful cover of 'stay alive' by jose gonzalez which i think it should not be missed by any pair of ears in this universe:

happy monday xxx

Tuesday, 30 December 2014


by shanna
Taiwan, Nov '13

amos is always full of silly ideas and sayings. much like a 3 year old.
and so i thought i'd do the same like what taza did for her little eleanor!

one day in IKEA, i picked up an item and read out the tag "table runner?"
amos replied "yeah it's like maze runner, but table."

Tuesday, 2 December 2014



-縱然是世界遼闊 外面的精采好多-

Thursday, 20 November 2014


by shanna
The Parliament, London '09

you know that saying, that wise people on the internet always says
don't look back, it's not going to do you any good.
well i did just that, basically on a weekly basis. it used be daily so i'd say i'm good now.

i can't help. it's almost like i'm bound to. 
stumbling upon old stuffs, old posts, old something. 
they were very much annoyingly lovable. am i making any sense?

i read this old blog post of mine and i almost cried.
i'm a mess. as always.

Monday, 17 November 2014


This is such an irony, following a post named 'Positivity'. literally like the next day after the previous post, i was down with chicken pox. what on earth!? and no that's not the worse, couple of other things all decided to pile up and screw my week. let me just kindly walk you through my series of unfortunate events.

it all has to start from Friday night. because i felt that was the best part and slowly everything else just went downhill from there. we watched Interstellar on Friday night and its mind-blowing-ness was as expected if not way beyond. Christopher Nolan, i love you. and as usual, you can't possibly go to sleep after a Nolan movie, even more impossible if the movie ends at 130am and you have a Amos next to you. so we chat about gravity, dimensions, possible flaws of the movie etc and finally went to bed around 4am. it was killing me my body. too frequently i tend to forget i'm no longer 18. woke up mid day the next day and still feeling fine, we went grocery shopping with neighbours and had a blast at BBQ party. and when we were packing the rubbish i suddenly felt a shot of dizziness in my head. and slowly developed to the idea that it might be migraine due to lack of sleep. so i went to sleep woke up the next day, same crappy dizziness. still thought it was migraine and lack of sleep, so i took pill and afternoon nap. woke up at night felt alright, foolishly thought that was it. 

Monday. woke up in a headache still, and found a blister on my waist and plenty of rashes on my chest. i didn't freak out because i thought it was skin allergy from the new bedsheets (we didn't pre-wash them, fresh from the pack and on to the bed, oops). on the way to work, flat tyre. yup. went to work, already late and full of guilt, crazy dizziness hit again after lunch and i can't concentrate. went to the clinic and the doc said 'chicken pox'.....i was like W T F? how on earth did i even get infected? i'm in the middle of an audit and this seriously was the last thing i would want. the next day though was epic, because my bloody period, of all time has decided to be punctual this month. tell me about it. overall it was just a very very unpleasant experience, the itch was surprisingly bearable (thank you yellow pill) but the inconvenience though, so so annoying! being crazy careful washing my hair and my body, brushing teeth, eating liquid food...they seriously grow everywhere!

i seriously don't think any thing else can top this series of crappy events. and i was hopeful enough to think i will have the strength to maybe study and do some research for weddings during this medical leaves. first half of the week i was just down with fever and pills after pills and youtube after youtube. and then i got better and i shamefully came to realisation (again) just how unproductive i am lately. 

sorry about all this ramblings.

Sunday, 9 November 2014


i am in no mean to publicise negativity but sometimes you just have to get it out and admit it and start over and hopefully it won't be too late (too hopeful). yes i am super lazy and unproductive and i am ashamed of myself and i deserve failing this paper (ah bless me please don't fail) because i woke up so late  in the morning and laze on bed for about two hours thinking about toffee nut latte and when i finally made myself a cup of coffee, i ate a piece of lemon meringue cake (which was awesome btw) and some chips and i spent the next three hours watching shaytards. i know i should be sorry for not studying my paper but i feel that there is this huge positive energy growing inside me every time i watch their videos, that all will be well. and of course, you have to put effort into it. exam is less than a month away and wedding is definitely less than a year away and with all these planning and audits going on, it's really very very energy consuming and well...let's just say i need a lot of positivity boost. 

and i'm so so thankful for internet. came across this Christmas advertisement by John Lewis, so beautifully made and Tom Odell's voice, i'm so ready for Christmas :)