Tuesday, 9 September 2014

of exam

i am beyond ashamed of myself.
after so many years, acca is still my endless torture. but rather now, my bygone dream.
the dream which was the only thing i was after, so desperately. all bygone.
but one does not leave things undone just because.
so may i be tortured one last time. for i have high hopes i will find my lost determination.
once again. 

studying feels so nostalgic now. i could almost taste the winter air.

Dublin, Jan '10
photo by Har

*this post is inspired by my outrages courage for registering for the same paper again earlier today. 

Friday, 15 August 2014

Jessica's "Daily Affirmation"

we all need to be Jessica, once in a while. to feel so good about ourselves.

to remind ourselves what we have is so so so much more than enough.

i will start with, i love my life :)

Sunday, 10 August 2014

a good week.

this past week was actually really good. i thought to myself unexpectedly when i was sitting down on the floor frowning about how i'm loathing this midnight Sunday blue.
and i said to A, i think we should start looking back on a weekly basis. that'd do some good! yeah! i felt it helps not only to be grateful for what we have, but also to look forward to the following week. somehow. the feeling of content and hopeful, i guess, most of it was.

so this week we had dinner at Eric & Ivy's (neighbour) which was really really good and thankful for on a Monday. then we watched two really good movies, Guardians of the Galaxy and Into the Storm, i like them a lot. if you haven't catch them i can vouch that they are worth the money to watch in cinema. then we had some furnitures delivered (yayyyyy) and finally getting curtains!! this is hugeee improvement because the house is practically bare now without the curtains. you can probably see amos changing from the playground below (which is so wrong). and then we spent Friday night at neighbour's again and watch some local youtubers' videos, which again was entertaining! we particularly laughed so hard on this one. and then i met Har on Saturday and A got to settled a lot of things and we got up slightly later on Sunday and spent the entire evening in Pavilion with neighbour. life is good and it's only going to be better.

also, i re-discovered Rachel Yamagata, i love her deep soulful voice so much.

so next week, bring it on. but also, be nice.

by amos, home '14
in case you're wondering, i was wearing a pair of really short pants.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Purpose of Life

photo by TzeLin
Tanjung Sepat, Jan '14

''The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.''
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Lennon & Maisy

i thought your day should be enlightened by this beautiful song.
if you haven't heard of them, they are the Stella sisters, Lennon and Maisy. also, where have you been?
good night, sleep well and have a nice day! xxx


i'm finally finally finally finally finally am learning Spanish! 
i got so excited ----slightly late for the first lesson therefore was running to my class and got slightly light headed by the sight of my very cute teacher. he's so good looking. even more so when he speaks Spanish.

i thought of writing this down as i've been dreaming of learning Spanish eight/nine years ago when i first discovered that there is such a thing called international volunteering programme. and i wanted SO much to take part and volunteer in Costa Rica. of course the first criteria is that i must speak Spanish. hence begins the journey of dreaming about it (typical me, just dream it away).

and then later in the following years, i can't remember exactly when but it must have been an awesome moment of find as i kept it as one of my must accomplished dreams to date..hike the Inca Trail which was located in the Andes Mountain and which will lead to the breath-taking Machu Picchu mountain (i speak as though i've been there). and i might sound dumb but what are the odds, Peruvians speak Spanish! it is so odd though that i remember clearly the first time i heard of the country Peru is from the second book by Lemony Snicket, A Series of Unfortunately Events - The Reptile Room. the little things that somehow find their way to stick together in my life. it's odd. 

i can't wait to speak the language fluently. to sing in the language. to follow the trail and to be taken away by the view. i seriously can't wait any more further. oh exciting life, please just begin now. 

Casa Battlo by Gaudi.
photo by me. Barcelona, Spain '08

La Sagrada Familia by Gaudi.
photo by khuan. Barcelona, Spain '08

Friday, 14 February 2014

O' valentine

hey dear fiance of mine, do you know that you are one of a kind
have i told you that i love you so much
you're so very thoughtful and so understanding
i really cannot wait to be stuck with you this entire life

this sight....i almost die. i really did scream couple times.

perfection in one bottle. everyone is invited to come sniff me