Tuesday, 15 December 2015

old tunes

my holiday is finally here as i closed the last audit of the year, about time.
can i just say, being home alone on the night before you travel is a horrible thing.
as i was finishing my packing, charging my cameras and getting my ipod ready for the flight, i stumbled upon some old playlists and these really get me to the feels...

- sweet song by blur
- see you soon by coldplay
- what can i do (but love you)
- only hope by switchfoot

may these beautiful tunes warm your december nights as they did mine.
happy holidays.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

some pictures from my phone

some pictures taken from my phone, to compliment the previous post :)


by shanna, nov '15

i turned 28. and i wasn't sure again how i feel about it.
this grow old gracefully thing is still a myth in my head, somehow rather difficult to adapt to.
and November of 2015 is over in a blink of an eye, i was so unwilling to let it pass for i did not live it to the fullest. i was most of the time buried in my audit work in a mind wrenching factory.

but looking back i've had such a great year and i don't want to be such a party pooper and makes this a sad sad birthday post. 

on the eve of 28th which so happens to be a FRIDAY (thank you calendar? thank you), after a long day of work, my husband surprised me with a bunch of fresh tulips and two bags of famous amos cookies! which is really a big deal because he hated the smell from the cookies!

and i finally had my ultimate craving for spanish food satisfied.
i could not even describe how amazing the food were. we went to el meson and he reserved for a corner table! i was really impressed. we had some tapas, a seafood paella and a glass of white and red sangria. i was a very happy and content wife. i was really happy. at the end of the day, i get that heart warming and butterflies feeling and the first lesson reminded again as i turned 28, life is all about the little things. it's these little things that makes our lives ours. 

i want to talk about the food because it's been awhile since i had spanish and they were just astonishing. every bite we tried took our words away i'm not even exagerating here. if you love spanish food you need to get there, now. the sangria was too heavy on rum for me, but also probably because i remember it as a much fruity flavour than alcoholic. during the dinner, i downloaded the app boomerang and we had so much fun creating 1 sec videos on instagram. oh technology

and the celebration didn't stop there because my bunch of amazing friends from high school took the time to have dinner together the next day. and we celebrated for all three november babies in the group. we went to another all time favourite of mine, d'italiane kitchen in paradigm mall. you can imagine how mad crazy happy i was that weekend, having both spanish and italian which are my absolute favourite. amos used to take me there for valentine's and christmas and i always order the same thing, spinach and cheese ravioli and apple cucumber cooler. but i decided to try their risotto for a change and it was yummmm! 

and my birthday cake! it was so good i don't have words to fully compliment it. i requested for nutella mille crepe from cake tella, and the baker who's a friend of amos was so kind to add two chocolate gingerbread man (with pop rock in them!) and some peanut chocolate flake balls!

i stumbled upon this beautiful quote on my birthday and thought, how true is that! 
''what a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven't happened yet.'

Wednesday, 9 September 2015


by shanna, Redang Island Sept '15

Amos texted me at work today :

"name our daughter Ler Swift"

"Tay Ler Swift"

my husband has reached a whole new level in idolising Tay Tay.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Wedding Pictures

by Jane of hellojaneleephotography
July 25, 2015

we received the pictures from photographer!!
and we're so very in love with them #overjoy
we spent almost an hour sitting next to each other
going through each and every single one of the pictures

being married to this one feels like living in a beautiful state of life.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Year 8

home '15

eight amazing years with you, 
thank you for being mine.

hubbo i love you, to pluto and back. and to pluto and back again.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

It's approaching!

FRIM, Feb '15

it is utterly exhilarating to think that in less than 30 days, 
i will be his wife and he will be my husband.
for this whole life with our whole hearts.
oh exciting days.