Saturday, 29 December 2012


by htc one x
Dongdaemun, Seoul '12

Nothing so horrible ever happened to me. My bag got snatched by a heartless motor cyclist two days ago, in broad daylight, while i was walking back to client's office with my colleagues in PJ Old Town. I didn't have money in my bag as I had forgotten to withdraw, but i lost countless things which has HEAVY sentimental value to me including:

-my precious Vivienne Westwood purse (so much of my London memory), 
-the old RM20 note father left,
-my short lived htc one x 
-my even short lived Cath Kidston mirror
-a Cath Kidston pouch (a gift from Sally two years ago)
-my movie tickets (20122012 & 1st imax)

it pains my heart and bring me to tears each time i thought about the RM20 note. and my phone. i woke up the next day realising i won't be seeing it again makes me feel so upset. 

I sincerely do not understand why certain (and in this country, many!) people chose to support their living in such an awful way that will hurt others. I was lucky i didn't get hurt as i wasn't grabbing it very tightly. I couldn't help to feel so sorry for my own country, that i have to live in such horribly poor governed society. 

I hope the things that he has stolen from me serve his most desperate needs. maybe his family is sick or his kids needed the money for school. and i hope someday he will be ashamed of what he has done.

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