Monday, 28 January 2013

Nasty Snatcher

Today while trying to relocate my broken necklace, i discovered a forgotten fact.

I couldn't find it anywhere. i've looked everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

then it hit me, it must have been kept in my bag. my bag that got snatched away in December.

It hit me so hard when i came to realise it really must have been in there, i cried helplessly.

I cried because i'm such an idiot for keeping it in my bag. and i cried even harder because the necklace was a graduation gift from my grandma and aunts, also with the necklace was a key pendant my mom gave to me on my 21st birthday (in Italy!)...most upsetting of all, is a Pu Sa pendant my mom gave me as a symbol of protection when i leave for England. It was a pendant that belongs to her mom, my late grandma.

I felt so helpless. so upset. so devastated. how did such awful thing happened to me?


I talked to mom and read a chapter of Ellen's book. Mom makes me laughed so hard i think i'd forgive the snatcher. and Ellen reminded me that 'life's about balance. the good and the bad. the highs and the low.'

and i always remind myself, as you should be too, that it's 2013...and things can only get better.

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