Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Present Perfect

taken by mun hon
Bali '13

i was in a training last Friday, Grammar in Business Writing (fancy) and it was conducted by this very Carolyn (my favourite ACCA lecturer back in London) lady named Nina. and she was talking about all the forms in a sentence and all of sudden, when she said 'my favourite one is this' it just hit me. secretly screaming inside of my head "me too!" 

present perfect

a form used to describe an incomplete action 
a form to describe change that has happened over a period of time
a form used when talking about unspecified time
a form used to describe experience

all of the above, they just somehow makes me wonder so much. about all the other things that was locked in my head, my dreams, my travelings, love, amos, my pictures, the future, and especially my cameras. it's 100% no doubt a beautiful form. 

and, i love the sound of it. present perfect. :)

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